What’s going on here?

Welcome back to Insignifica! You’ll notice some changes, mostly that the site I’ve had for the last couple years is gone – the victim of a hosting company that won’t/can’t give me my backups. But luckily for me my “classic” site (2001-2011) was backed up separately, so much of it was easy to import, and exists right below this post. Good work, me!

So what’s going to happen here? I’m not sure. I’m very, very happy having the old site (complete with comments!) available again, if for no reason other than I miss having the temporal references for life events. I’ll likely post here some more, and if I can get a hold of the 2011-2013 posts (which were a radically different format and much less regular), I’ll get them up. Otherwise, who knows. Let’s surprise each other and see what happens.

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