Hello and Goodbye!

Hello and Goodbye!
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Today is the 10th anniversary of my blog – Back on January 10th, 2001 I started a blog at michris.com using Blogger – so long ago that it didn’t even have an integrated comments system yet. A year later (January 2002) I started using Movable Type (which I still use), and a couple weeks later started posting to Insignifica instead of Michris.
Features have come and gone, but otherwise the format remained the same until January 2006, when I started the “Picture of the day!” and started posting 5 days a week (and cutting way back on off-hand, one-subject posts). When POTD! started, I had 1,234 pictures in my Flickr account. Last month I hit 10,000.
And that brings me to today. After 2,754 entries and 3,914 comments, I’ve decided to retire the blog. When I started out, Facebook and Myspace were years off – “Social Networking” was something old dudes did in leather chairs while smoking cigars. A blog let me get information about my life to my friends and the occasional random reader, all in one convenient place. But times have changed – I can get information to friends much more easily via Facebook, and see what they’re sharing too. My “random person” quota is down, but I’ve made friends-of-friends, too, which figure in to everything.
There are definite advantages to a blog in terms of data, but for the time I spend every day, the return isn’t nearly as great as it used to be. Comments are down significantly, and I assume readership is too. I’ve been struggling to find good daily content, and that’s just been getting harder. And when I noticed my 10th anniversary was coming up, I figured it was just as good a time as any to put it out to pasture.
There may be more content here to come – this’ll be as good a place as any to put together a non-facebook page of automatic feeds from all my online places. We’ll see how that goes.
A very big thank you to everyone who’s read and commented in the last 10 years – it’s made it a pleasure to write every day. I’ll still be writing other places, too – retiring the blog might inspire me to make more food posts or start something new. What ever that is, I’ll let everyone know. Thanks again, and happy interneting!

6 responses to “Hello and Goodbye!

  1. Requiescat in pace

  2. Congrats on making 10 years! That’s a very impressive achievement.

  3. Thanks Amy! And thanks for reading! =D

  4. Blogging is weird these days, isn’t it? I’ve been contemplating it lately as well. I started in 2003 on Livejournal, when even the term “blogging” was a bit foreign. It’s crazy how things have changed now that everyone and their mom – no, their GRANDMA – has a blog. I’d love to see a sort of curation type of thing from you, delicious/tumblr style. You’d have great stuff to share, I’m sure.

  5. Goodbye…. I am sorry to see it go

  6. So long and thanks for all the fish.